Reframe Iran takes you into the intimate studio spaces of Iranian artists in exile. Meet modern masters who fled the country in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution, offering an uncommon perspective into contemporary Iran.


Reframe Saudi is a Virtual Reality documentary film directed by Matteo Lonardi that explores Saudi Arabia from the perspective of a new generation of contemporary artists. As the country enters a new phase socially and economically, the film transports you to the studios of artists across the Kingdom. Each of them, through their work, reflects on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.


doubts of a genius

Role: Director

Status: In pre production

Leonardo Da Vinci is revered today as a genius who dared to dream. What few people know is that Leonardo was often criticized by his contemporaries, and he himself doubted the value of his work. At the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, Doubts of a Genius, is an interactive VR experience that explores the man behind the legacy by looking at self-doubt and failure in the creative process.